Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

Image DetailCharacters: 5
Cover: 5
Plot: 4
Setting: 5
Writing: 4

The last thing teenager Kelsey Hayes thought she'd be doing over the summer was meeting Ren, a mysterious white tiger and cursed Indian prince When she learns she alone can break the Tiger's curse, Kelsey's life is turned upside-down. The unlikely duo journeys halfway around the world to piece together an Indian prophecy, find a way to free the man trapped by a centuries-old spell, and discover the path to their true destiny.

Let me just tell you one thing: my friend who's just about as obsessed with books as I am was begging me to read this, claiming that it was such a great book. I gave into her in the end, and when I first read it, I only read up to the third chapter and then I got so bored and I returned it. But then she and I made a deal: I'd read Tiger's Curse if she read another book I'd recommended. We made this deal like three months ago and I just kept my end of the bargain, but I am so happy that she goaded me so much to this point.

I have to admit, the first ten or so chapters are so slow to me and it took me a while to adjust to it, but then the romance and the action really picked up and I was hooked. I stayed up until midnight to read this book, and I was reeling with questions after I finished this book because of the huge cliffhanger at the end. I wanted to break into the library just to borrow this book after I was done.

The whole point of this book was the fact that every part of this book—after the slowness in the beginning—was full of twists and turns and the romance was so great and really emotional. At first, when my friend described this to me and then to the book club we belong to, I kept countering her arguments with "She fell in love with a tiger!" I thought that he was permanently stuck as a tiger, but the truth was that once they solve one clue, Ren gets six hours, and then twelve, and then eighteen, and then all twenty four. But Ren either way gets only twenty four minutes before they found any clues. That literally wiped anything about being in love with a tiger from my mind.

Why am I still talking? I have a lot of things to gush about this book, despite the beginning part, and I think you should just borrow or buy the book. But be warned, the paper of the hardcover version of this entire saga so far is really thick, so each book weighs like five pounds. My arm was cramping, but it was totally worth it. :)

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