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Welcome to A Booky Wonderland! This is a space I created for me to review all the awesome books there are out there. I'm a pre-teen, or tween, as some people like to refer to it as, and I've always been the odd one out at my school for loving books more than video games or TV or sports. But I really don't care because books are just...magical. And here, this is the only place I can be respected (I hope) as a book reader, blogger, and reviewer.

I'm a very...let's say...serious person. I like to have fun and go crazy and all that, but most of the time, I'm just a normal twelve-year-old girl who likes to read...if that's normal at all. I usually like to have heated book discussions with my friend who waits for the buses with me, going over not all the new books that are being released, but books that we really enjoyed and those include: The Tiger Saga, the Iron Fey Series, Anna and the French Kiss, and a lot more!

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  1. Hey, I'm exactly the same. I'm labeled a nerd because I'd rather read a book then be doing sport or watching TV, I think books are awesome! :)
    Here is my blog, if you want to check it out!:


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