Review Policy

I am a pre-teen, and thus I like to read books from the young adult genre, and will sometimes accept middle-grade books. And in that young adult genre, I like to read the following, in no particular order:
  1. Dystopian
  2. Paranormal Romance
  3. Fantasy
  4. Contemporary
If you want me to review any of your books, write a comment on any blog post you want, telling me that you want me to review your book. Also, provide a way for me to get back to you, like maybe an email address or even a website I can visit. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. When I get back to you, send me a little excerpt of your book with the cover and synopsis. Usually, I'll just see if I can get it from the library, but if it's not there, I'll request a copy from you. 

You can also email me at I will probably accept any book you want to offer me, but if I didn't even finish the book because I didn't like it, I won't review it. Also, with school and homework, I barely have any time to read as it is, but I will try my best. I will send you an email if I chose not to review it. Just as a side-note, I will not accept anything nonfictional or biographical.

Every review that I do will include:
  • Numbered ratings of the cover, characters, plot, setting, and writing
  • The cover
  • A summary
  • My HONEST review
  • My rating in the labels, as well as the series name if there is one, the author name, and the genres that the book could be categorized under

1 snowflake: I couldn't finish this book or I forced myself through it only because I made a promise beforehand about it.
2 snowflakes: It kept me reading but there was nothing else about it that I liked.
3 snowflakes: Good, except for a few things that I couldn't overlook
4 snowflakes: Very good, although a few minor things
5 snowflakes: Awesome! I recommend you to buy it right now or borrow it right now!

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