Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Torment by Lauren Kate

Torment by Lauren Kate
Cover: 4
Characters: 3
Plot: 3
Setting: 3
Writing: 4

Hell on earth.

That’s what it’s like for Luce to be apart from her fallen angel boyfriend, Daniel.
It took them an eternity to find one another, but now he has told her he must go away. Just long enough to hunt down the Outcasts—immortals who want to kill Luce. Daniel hides Luce at Shoreline, a school on the rocky California coast with unusually gifted students: Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and humans.

At Shoreline, Luce learns what the Shadows are, and how she can use them as windows to her previous lives. Yet the more Luce learns, the more she suspects that Daniel hasn’t told her everything. He’s hiding something—something dangerous. 

What if Daniel’s version of the past isn’t actually true? What if Luce is really meant to be with someone else? 

The second novel in the addictive FALLEN series . . . where love never dies.

Once again, this book has a perfectly perfect cover. Covers usually determine whether or not I'll end up reading the book because it goes perfectly with the first book, but this time the setting's changed from the woods at Luce's school to the beach at Luce's new school. I like how the dress sort of alters. It's still so pretty, though.

The prologue of this was really confusing because it was set in Daniel's POV and when the first chapter started and it shifted to Luce's POV, it was still confusing because some time had passed between the two books. I think throughout the first two books, Ms. Kate kept us in the dark the entire time and I had to figure out everything for myself.

In this book, Miles (Luce's friend in the book) ends up falling for her, and then there's a love triangle between the guys that was a little flimsy in my opinion. The romance between Luce and Daniel was really...unreal. I thought that Daniel thought that Luce was just supposed to love him and then he didn't really care about what Luce thought except for when they were feelings against him.

There were a few twists and turns in this book, and I felt that Luce was extremely reckless and I also was annoyed at Daniel for just expecting that Luce was supposed to love him and how Luce was so convinced that she was, just because Daniel had said so. I'm still reading the third book, mainly because I want all the confusion to just be gone and that last twist Ms. Kate threw in there pretty much ensured the fact that I'm going to read it.

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  1. This cover totally got my attention, although I haven't read the first book. They sound so interesting though, and I think I may grab them. If nothing else to have more shelf candy!

    Thanks for the review :)


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