Monday, January 23, 2012

Movie Monday (1)

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Movie Monday is a brand new meme here at A Booky Wonderland and I hope you like it!

The concept is simple. What book did you read in the last week that you absolutely want to be a movie? Or, which book that you've read in the past that's been made into a movie compare to the movie? Or, what do you expect in an upcoming movie that's been based off a book? You can basically do anything, as long as that books been:
  • turned into a movie
  • in production to be made into a movie
  • or a book you read the previous week that you think should be a movie

For example, I would really want Divergent to become a movie, (and let's pretend I read it last week) so I would start telling everybody how great it is and why it would make an awesome movie. For the next question, I could say that I've read Harry Potter and I think it's better (or worse) than the movies based off of the series and what the movies (or books) could've done better. And for the last example, I could say that I expect the Hunger Games movie to have loads of action and to have this and this scene in the movie, because those were my favorite in the book.

That's simple, right? You can grab the button (posted on the top, under the Movie Monday button) and please link it back to me when using it. Thanks!

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Okay, I actually am going to do the Hunger Games in this case because there's so much buzz going on about it and I'm just itching to tell everybody about what I want the movie to have that there was in the book. Safe and Sound, the first song on the Hunger Games soundtrack, which was written by Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars, is supposed to be when Katniss leaves Peeta to get him the medicine. Personally, I think this is a perfect time for the song to come in, even if everybody else says it should be when Rue dies. I think Jennifer will record her own song and it will play then, because Katniss sings Rue a song anyway during then.

I really want the action to be higher than ever (like I said above) in this movie and for the movie to be good enough so when I take my little brother and anybody else along with me, they won't keep leaning over and asking questions, like, "What's that supposed to mean?" A good movie based off of an awesome book won't be confusing and hard to understand unless you've read the books. Maybe I'll take somebody who has read the books to avoid that...Hmm...

Well, that's it for my first ever Movie Monday! I hope you liked it!

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